What is Internal Corrosion Monitoring ?

September 8, 2023by Toluwanimi
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We’ll be taking you a brief journey on what internal corrosion monitoring is all about.
Corrosion Monitoring is one of the basic needs of safe and efficient industrial operation especially hydro-carbon industry, chemical processing industry, power plant and refineries. Corrosion can lead to structural failure or loss of containment, costly repairs, lost or contaminated products, environmental damages, risk to personnel, and loss of public confidence.
Osten employs educational resources to provide access to sophisticated analytical equipment to provide innovative solutions related to corrosion and specialty chemical monitoring.

We are dedicated to providing internal corrosion monitoring solutions to onshore oil and gas producers and process industries. Primary services include solutions relating to Hydraulic access fitting fields service Electronic monitoring (ER Measurement), Monitoring equipment supply and specification, Weight-loss corrosion coupon analysis Sessile / planktonic bacterial sampling and reporting.

Additional services include field sampling (Water Fe/Mn, Cl residuals) and onshore pipeline external coating inspections.

We can provide audit services related to internal corrosion monitoring and production specialty chemical usage. Proper monitoring should ensure that all mitigation strategies have the potential to be evaluated.