Environmental Services

Osten provides fully integrated environmental consultancy service and compliance solutions, using team of experts to meet your needs. Client will benefit from our expert advise and network of laboratory facilities to save time, reduce costs, optimize resource use and drive operational efficiencies.

Environmental Studies

Whether is on routine compliance monitoring or project specific studies, Osten services are tailored to achieve your internal and regulatory requirements for:

• Environmental impact Assessment
• Baseline studies
• Environmental Audit
• Environmental Evaluation Studies
• Feasibility Studies
• Post Impact Assessment
• Regulatory Approval and Permitting
• Environmental Management Review
• Environmental Management Plan
• Environmental Compliance Monitoring
• Air quality and Stack emission monitoring
• Environmental Simulation Modeling (Gas dispersion)
• Noise Mapping
• Environmental Sensitivity Mapping
• Point Source characterization & registration
• Decommission and Site closure

Environmental Engineering

• Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) development and countermeasures
• Spill containment and Clean-up
• Waste Management Programs
• Environmental remediation
• Hydrogeology and geotechnical studies
• Design and Installation Oil water Separator
• Water treatment system